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Do you want to stream live matches over the internet?
Do you also want to stream live game stats?
Do you want your fans to interact with your content?

With Stadyo, you can improve your streaming, with real-time game stats, displayed in a professional way, while giving your users new ways to engage and interact with your content.

Who is Stadyo for?

Sports Federations and Leagues
Clubs and Universities
Amateur and Semiprofessional Leagues

A new way to experience sports

On top of your content, and with no need to change absolutely nothing you already do, you can add a ton of game information to your events, with almost no effort at all.

  • Add real-time stats based on your sport (football, rugby, tennis, etc)
  • Show scores, attempts on target, off target, ejections, yellow cards and much more.
  • Give your viewer a timeline of important events during the match, including time, players, cards, scores, etc
  • Let your viewers vote for their teams - AND for the team they believe will win the match (often, they’re not the same!).
  • Let them also pick the player they believe deserves the MVP title - yes, you can let your users pick the MVP!
  • And they can post messages while they watch it - yep, we also give you a nice, responsive chat, just in case!

Designed for the New Generations

When a game is on, people no longer want to ‘Just Watch’ it. They want to interact, to share, to socialize.

User attention is now split between the game itself and the smartphone, where the new generation of sports fans spend most of their time.

Stadyo is designed with that in mind.

We embrace the new way of watching sports, creating new interactive and social engagement experiences.

Generate Income for your Team and Championship

You can include sponsorship spaces (banners) within the broadcast and then sell them to your own sponsors, covering the costs of your matches (athlete pay, field rental, refereeing) - and profit from it!

Banner packages are FREE - limited to the first 200 registered users.

Your team/championship keeps 100% of the sponsorship revenue.

With Stadyo, you professionalize your broadcasts and also generate revenue for your team!

Add a Professional Layer to Your Sports Broadcasts

Add scores and statistics to your YouTube/Vimeo/etc broadcasts.
Update the scoreboard, statistics, substitutions and cards. All in real time.
Generate revenue, adding sponsors banners to the broadcast.
Create events, register teams, shields and players.
Stadyo keeps track of your performance history, goals, games, cards, etc.
Users can vote for their teams, pick the MVP - and much more!
FREE to Broadcast. FREE to watch!
Start now!
Available on all devices and Operating Systems.

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Live Score
Goal Notifications
Card Notifications
Subs Notifications
Vote for Your Team
Vote for Best Team
Game Highlights
Watch for Free
Broadcast for Free
Athlete Registration
Team Registration
Event Registration
Athlete Stats ×
Insert your Banners × ×
Viewers pick the MVP × ×
Create Tournaments × ×
Tournament Standings × ×
Fantasy Sports * × ×

Monthly Subscription


BRL 20,00*

BRL 12,50*

BRL 40,00*

BRL 25,00*

* FREE - Promotion Ends Soon
* Fantasy Sports - Coming Soon!

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