Who We Are

Sports by Everyone for Everyone

We want to bring your game to thousands of people

Stadyo lets you bring your amateur/neighborhood games to thousands of fans.

Add professional graphics to your transmissions: animated cards for goals, yellow/red cards, subs, among others (based on the sport).

Turn your game into a professional event, with stats tracking for teams and inidividual athletes.

By creating your channel, you can present your matches to the whole world, in a professional and engaging new way.

Give your team the joy of belonging and owning your team.

Give them exclusive engagement options: Voting for the MVP's, Heartbeat, and many others.

Create and manage your tournaments and championships - create and seed your brackets, define and organize the matches, let your fans check tables and brackets while they watch the matches/fights/etc.

Our Values






Why Stadyo?

Add real-time stats according to your sport (soccer, rugby, tennis, etc).

Show scores, kicks on target, kicks off target, red and yellow cards, subs, off-sides, etc and a lot more.

Give your fan a timeline with the important events in the event including game clock, scores, lineups, etc.

Let your fans vot for their teams - and for the teams they think will win (many times, they are not the same!).

Let them choose the player they believe deserves to be the MVP - yes, you can let your fans pick the MVP!

They can also post messages while they watch the game - we also give you a chat, just in case!

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